Guiding Principles

We believe that there are two essentials in the practice of strategic marketing communications and the development of corporate and personal brands. The first is substance. A corporation must deliver value at par or better than its competitors. An individual – whether a business consultant, medical professional, lawyer, athlete, or author – must likewise demonstrate that he or she meets or exceeds accepted levels of knowledge, experience, and expertise in his or her field.

The second essential is visibility. For a brand to provide value to the corporation or the individual, it must be credibly communicated. When the brand is communicated, the corporation or individual moves from relative obscurity to prominence. In doing so, it generates opportunity that otherwise would be unattainable.

No brand – corporate or personal – can achieve its potential without both substance and visibility. Companies and individuals that desire to dominate their industries must deliver both essentials to their target markets.

"You're doing a great job in bringing business and marketing thinking to Asia. I have a high regard for your work." – Philip Kotler, Father of Modern Marketing