The Philippine IT-BPO industry is expected to sustain growth of at least 20% in 2013, generating US$16 billion in revenues and expanding employment to 926,000 across more than 20 sectors supported by industry associations, academe, government, and other stakeholders.

Emerging markets will continue to drive global growth, according to a survey of global executives, increasing demand for a wide range of outsourcing sectors. The McKinsey economic conditions survey published in December 2012 found that “executives broadly believe that demand for their companies’ products or services—as well as their companies’ profits—will increase in the next six months, despite their concern about sluggish global and domestic demand. They also predict that emerging markets will continue to drive global growth.”.

Despite a decade of rapid expansion, in many ways, the IT-BPO industry is still learning how to capitalize on its vast economic potential and to bring the fruits of these opportunities to as many Filipinos as possible. What does 2013 mean for a developing country keen on becoming a powerhouse in software development, animation, healthcare information management and game development? Despite its exemplary performance, analysts say the IT-BPO industry cannot be complacent, particularly with increasing competition in the global market and concerns over rising costs, security, and currency appreciation.

This briefing provides executive insights into the industry’s plans to support sustained business expansion. In addition to the results of an exclusive industry survey providing executives’ perspectives, the CEO Forum features keynote presentations by a prominent government official and a leading industry executives. A panel composed of industry executives representing the IT-BPO sectors will react to the presentations, and provide their own perspectives.

How is the industry responding to the rise in the peso? What resources are in place to develop human capital? How do stakeholders view their role vis-à-vis defined priority areas such as talent and ecosystem? What challenges do stakeholders anticipate, and how will they address these challenges?.