Client News launches Gunbound’s Pinoy avatar items

(Manila, Philippines) - has introduced a set of avatar items for the online shooting game Gunbound Philippines. The items are designed to reflect Philippine culture and foster Pinoy pride, according to a company executive.

“We created special items such as clothing, headgear, and flags that reflect the rich culture and history of the Philippines to give Gunbound Philippines a more local flavor. Avatar items furnish game characters with additional protection and abilities, as well as enhance their appearance — and these Philippine-themed items are something local gamers can wear with a sense of national pride,” said Gregory Kittelson, Digital Media Exchange (dme) director for business development and product manager for Gunbound Philippines. dme is the parent of

The customized avatar items include a salakot (farmer’s hat), barong (dress shirt), baro’t saya (national Filipina dress), Katipunero hat (revolutionary hat), Katipunero shirt (revolutionary shirt), gitgit (native three-stringed instrument), kutyapi (native two-stringed instrument), tangkol (bamboo instrument), and KKK Flag (revolutionary flag). will also soon release customized city and regional flags including Cebuano, Manileño and Davaoeño flags “to enable gamers to better express themselves and their regional identities. We would also like to release Filipino mobile avatar items such as jeepneys, tricycles and the carabao which a lot of our gamers are looking forward to,” Kittelson said.

Avatar items can be purchased in-game using Gunbound Cash. This in-game Cash can be purchased with Gunbound prepaid cards available in 20, 50,100, and 350 peso denominations. Prepaid cards are available at Internet cafés, PC Express branches, and other retail outlets. They can also be purchased on the website at using a credit card. Playing the game itself is free of charge.

Gunbound was developed by South Korea game developer, Softnyx Co., Ltd. and is the second online game licensed for the Philippine market, following MU Online, an epic role-playing adventure. Gunbound is the fastest growing online game in the Philippines.

“I think what contributes in a major way to this success is the fact that Gunbound is a casual but highly competitive game ― it attracts gamers of all ages and keeps them engaged with the game’s unexpected twists and turns, eye-candy graphics, and of course the dynamic game play that ensues from being multiplayer. And we will continue to give our gamers more to look forward to with the regular introduction of new avatar items. Wait until they see what is coming next,” said Kittelson.

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