Seminar Overview

With the advent of new technology, prevailing harsh business conditions and intense competition, the challenge of communicating the superiority of your products and services from the competition is critical. Companies are beginning to realize that all presentations to customers, clients, and stakeholders must not merely present information but must be powerfully persuasive to be effective.

Whether speaking in public, serving on a panel as moderator or panelist, making a sales presentation, talking to media, participating in meetings as leader or participant, negotiating for a win-win solution, getting action through telephone calls, informal conferences or videoconferences, effective presentation skills will come in handy for any manager

Here are some of the ways you can benefit from attending this whole-day workshop on effective presentations for decision makers.

Get Action
Unless you demand action or ask for the sale, you may leave the room without getting the results you want. Learn how to analyze the audience, identify the decision maker, understand his thinking style, and adapt your presentation to zero in on his interests. Increase your chances of closing the deal by selecting the most persuasive presenter.

Increase Your Self-Confidence
Many times, we are gripped with fear at the thought of standing up in front of an audience and making a presentation. How will I come across? What if the audience does not agree with me? What if I make a mistake? Overcome your fear of others by creating your own positive reference reserve, and developing a thoroughly planned, thoughtfully written, and well-rehearsed presentation.

Cut Preparation Time Drastically
Don't know where to begin? Having difficulty getting team members together to map out the presentation? Doing everything all over again because your boss decides your presentation is not good enough or does not quite meet his requirements? Overcome procrastination by following a step-by-step guide for organizing your presentation. Master the time-saving logic tree that helps you identify your points and support them fully.

Develop Compelling Visuals
People remember best what they see and hear. Select the medium that works best for your audience. Design and create professional-looking text, conceptual, and graphic visuals that will add value to your presentation, increase your credibility, and keep audience interest.

Control Your Stage
Your presentation can be upstaged by many factors, which are often left to other people to handle. Malfunctioning equipment, freezing room temperatures, sunlight hitting the audience squarely in the eyes… all these can negate a brilliant presentation. Take charge of all preparations, including briefing the audience, preparing handouts, setting time allotments and making room arrangements.

Manage Your Audience
How can I encourage participation? How do I gain support? How do I motivate the audience? How do I handle interruptions or objections? How do I handle a hostile audience? Learn to accurately read the nonverbal body language "signals" of your audience.