Seminar Overview

The world is globalizing relentlessly. The pressure on financial service companies to provide better and better service at lower and lower costs is increasing by the day.
Using the Lean-Six Sigma Approach financial service companies have been known to achieve dramatic performance improvements of the order typically shown below:

· Insurance
      o Reduce Turnaround Proposal to Policy                            85%
      o Increase Productivity                                                    40%

· Call Centre Help Desk
      o Decrease call resolution time                                         80%
      o Increase productivity                                                    >200%
· Back Office processing
      o Reduce errors                                                              99%

This seminar combines experiential exercises with real life case studies to ensure a thorough understanding of the basic Lean Six Sigma principles and the effect they can have on Business Performance.

What you will learn

Relevance of Lean Six Sigma for financial services

Lean Six Sigma basic concepts
      How they work &
      Why they work for financial services

Implementing Lean Six Sigma
      Developing the strategy for change
      Creating the leadership
      Building the organisational infrastructure

and achieving breakthrough performance improvements

Why Lean Six Sigma is so effective in increasing the bottom line

Integrating Lean Six Sigma into the culture of a financial services organisation

Achieving breakthrough improvements in customer service