Seminar Overview

In your personal and professional lives, where half the time you have no control over who you work with, it’s inevitable to meet people you find difficult to deal or work with. How do you transform conflict into cooperation and generate results? How can you get what you project and expect from the people around you? What if you’re the one who’s actually difficult?

Living and working harmoniously with each other is one of the most crucial factors in achieving desired results. Monette Iturralde-Hamlin’s seminar, “Handling Difficult People,” will walk you through the different approaches in dealing with difficult people as well as understanding yourself better in order to combat situations wherein you are the difficult person.

Benefits of attending the seminar

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Find out the secrets and strategies on how you can coexist harmoniously with difficult people in the workplace. Participants would learn more about:

  • How to get to know yourself as well as others by identifying the different personality types and associating them with yourself
  • The ways to skillfully communicate, listen, and get what you expect and project
  • Gauging if you’re the difficult person and how to effectively counter it
  • Changing your attitude and behavior through knowing how to change your reactions and perspectives