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The escalating competition in the automotive industry requires brands to intentionally build close relationships with their valued stakeholders. We can communicate brand stories that embody the values that you represent, and execute them through targeted integrated marketing communication campaigns that connect with your audiences.

Banking & Finance

Security and trust are of utmost importance in the banking and finance industry. Through integrated marketing strategies, you can foster open communications that will help you build trust and secure relationships with your stakeholders.

IT & Business Process Management

For the past decade, TeamAsia has been an integral partner in spurring the growth and sustainability of the entire IT-BPM industry in the Philippines. With our deep industry knowledge, we can help you communicate effectively to your audiences through integrated marketing communication strategies.


The software industry is rapidly growing in the country. More and more startups and enterprises are entering the field, each with their own story to tell. Get your enterprise to stand out through integrated marketing communication strategies that tell your unique brand stories.

Real Estate

The real estate market is bustling, and brands must be heard to get buy-ins. We can create and sustain effective, targeted integrated marketing communication campaigns for real estate clients to amplify their visibility and help them achieve their targets.


In the pharmaceuticals industry, building trust and credibility is the name of the game. You can build and jump-start your brand visibility through a holistic marketing campaign, communicating to your target markets at the right place, with the right message.

Freight, Shipping and Logistics

TeamAsia has brought key freight, shipping, and logistics brands to the next level of experience through targeted marketing campaigns that communicate directly both to businesses and individuals.


In order to thrive in the competitive telecommunications industry, your brand must embody innovation. By keeping abreast of technology, TeamAsia has taken brands such as Globe (link to lightboxed video), to the next level experience of visibility through turnkey events management.

Fast-Moving Comsumer Goods (FMCG)

FMCG markets have become saturated with different messages, with more and more campaigns are launched everywhere. TeamAsia has engaged some of the biggest FMCG brands for the past 25 years to help them acquire customers through interactive and engaging integrated marketing communication strategies.


With your best interest at heart, we in TeamAsia are committed to exploring innovation to its fullest potential to help bring you to the next level experience of brand visibility.

TeamAsia is an award-winning IMC agency, and for 25 years we continue to create and sustain visibility for some of the biggest local and international brands.

With strategies that resonate with your target markets, we can help your B2B marketing achieve better ROI.

  • Events – We organize exceptional experiences for you and your B2B stakeholders – from planning to execution.

  • Content – With your brand voice, and our mastery of the media and press landscape, we can craft and deliver your brand story to businesses that are relevant to you.

  • Digital – We make digital marketing meaningful to your B2B audiences. From social media to website development and maintenance, we can reach out to your B2B audiences through the online channels that matter.

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