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It is undeniable that Filipinos love food. This is why when Foro de Debate, Arum Estrategias de Internacionalización, and the Philippine Department of Tourism thought of bringing Madrid Fusión—the most prestigious gastronomic event in the world—to Manila for the first time, the pressure to position the Philippines as the culinary hub of Asia was on. This is especially true because the Philippines was deemed as the top choice to hold the Spanish culinary event, the countries having striking cultural resemblance with each other after centuries of exchange and heritage.

Game plan
As they set the stage for the grand partnership, the organizers partnered with TeamAsia to launch a seven-month public relations campaign which ran from October 2014 to April 2015. To drum up excitement, TeamAsia brought the festivities closer to Filipino hearts by anchoring on their love for local and international food. Through various communication efforts, they highlighted world-class chefs, delectable recipes, and avant-garde techniques, successfully directing the spotlight to the event. These are in line with all of TeamAsia’s other initiatives as the partner, social media manager, and website developer of Madrid Fusión Manila 2015.

Mission accomplished
After 12 articles and two press conferences, the launch of Madrid Fusión Manila reached an impressive media value of 60 million pesos with features from key industry publications and online, print, and broadcast press. The buzz generated from this campaign paved the way for successful promotions on Madrid Fusión Manila’s second year.


“Madrid Fusion Manila is truly impressive. It is indeed a festival of chefs, gastronomy-related media, food lovers and professionals in the food and beverages industry. The whole event was well-organized.”

– Global Gourmet Magazine

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