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Filipino software firm develops ‘cloud’ service for Asian SMEs

QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA – Philippine-based software development firm Gurango Software is introducing a cloud-based service aimed at small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.

Citing the growth of tech-savvy SMEs in the region, Joey Gurango, CEO of Gurango Software,  said SMEs have been looking for operational platforms that improve their business without the added costs.

The solution, called Gurango Hosted Solutions (GHS), provides on-demand enterprise resource planning and customer relations management through the cloud.

Like major corporations, SMEs are also tapping into a number of technology-based services to improve some of their back office requirements. Among the internal work that SMEs are also looking to streamline are finance and accounting, manufacturing, sales, and customers management.

However, Gurango stressed that companies are still concerned with the complexities of managing an information technology (IT) infrastructure.

Through a cloud solution – technically having part or the entirety of PC-based applications accessible remotely through the Internet – SMEs do not have to spend as much on capital expenditures for their hardware and software requirements and even lesser on managing them.

“Because GSC provides its own cloud-based IT infrastructure to deliver its GHS service the customer is able to eliminate IT problems as well as the in-house IT staff required to maintain these systems. GHS provides a number of important benefits to SMEs that includes conservation of resources, data security and automated backups, zero IT staffing, and of course peace of mind,” Gurango said.

Gurango said that the GHS utilizes his company’s secure and remote data centers to deliver the services needed by customers. In addition, the GHS allows customers to access the applications on smartphones, tablet PCs, and laptops.

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