Privacy Policy

Hamlin-Iturralde Corporation (dba TeamAsia) is committed to responsible and ethical use of personal information. This Privacy Policy aims to express our intent of transparency in how we collect, use, store, share, and protect the information that you have entrusted us, in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and the laws of the Philippines.

Personal information is defined as any type of information or data that is used to distinguish, identify, or contact you.

By availing of our professional services, you are consenting to the Privacy Policy of Hamlin-Iturralde Corporation, and its affiliated companies, organizations; and the collection, use, access, transfer, storage, and processing of your personal information as described in this Policy.

Why we collect personal information

It is our mission to always provide excellent service. With this, we seek to acquire insights, feedback and information on your interaction with TeamAsia.

In our practice of responsible and ethical use of personal data, we are aggregating and anonymizing your data. Aggregation means that your data, along with all other personal data, is clustered together to form collective insights. Anonymizing your information means that we do not present your data in any way that reveals your identity.

We collect and use your information to:

  1. Deliver to you the latest news, offers, and services relevant to your industry and/or expertise that TeamAsia, TeamAsia Training, and My Dream in a Shoebox can offer you, either exclusively for you as our contact and/or customer, or widely available for everyone;
  2. Deliver to you the latest news and invitations about TeamAsia-managed campaigns. These are events of our clients, and we only deliver the latest news and invitations about TeamAsia-managed campaigns that we think are relevant to your expertise or industry.
  3. Improve our product and service delivery. Having product usage information that we gather from our digital marketing channels, such as social media accounts and websites, allows us to know your trends of usage, and enables us to improve these channels so you can have a better usage experience with them;
  4. Have a better understanding of our stakeholders and customers by analyzing email open and click activities and response rates of our email communications to help us determine the kind of content you want to receive and to improve our customer service levels for you; and
  5. Store your business information when you register to one of TeamAsia’s or TeamAsia-managed campaigns or events. This is so we can measure the effectivity of our event marketing and registration initiatives, and to see whether we have been able to get our target market to attend the events.

What type of information we collect

Information that we collect from you are only the ones that allow us to improve our service delivery. We collect information such as names, company names, business contact information such as business address, company email addresses and contact numbers, job titles and/or designation, and other forms of information.

We also collect user experience data, such as analytics data from websites and engagement data from our social media channels. When you use our website and social media, cookies are stored on your device. Cookies allow us to gather user experience data and these data may include traffic sources, visited pages, browser and devices used, time and date visited, and number of times that you meet conversion goals in our analytics tool.

We do not collect any form of sensitive information, such as, but are not limited to, race, ethnic origin, marital status, age, or any religious, philosophical, and/or political affiliations. We do not also collect information about your health, education, genetic, sexual life, and/or social security numbers and other government-issued numbers and identification. We only collect business information of entities to help us conduct and improve our services and transactions.

Where we get these information

Our sources of your user information are the following:

  1. Registration lists from TeamAsia and TeamAsia-managed campaigns;
  2. Completed website contact form submissions from TeamAsia, TeamAsia Training, My Dream in a Shoebox, and websites that we developed, monitor, and handle for TeamAsia-managed campaigns;
  3. Website user activity data that we gather through Google Analytics;
  4. Post-event evaluation forms from TeamAsia and TeamAsia-managed campaigns;
  5. Business information sent to us through email, telephone conversations, SMS messages, and other communication channels;
  6. Information submitted to us via TeamAsia, TeamAsia Training, My Dream in a Shoebox, and social media accounts that we handle and monitor for TeamAsia-managed campaigns; and
  7. Social media follower activity data that we gather through insight-gathering tools from each social media channel (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).

How we use your data

We aim to deliver content that is relevant to you. We use your contact information through the following:

  1. Direct marketing – We employ the services of our in-house telemarketers to communicate our latest news, promos, event invitations, and services that are relevant to you, either about TeamAsia, TeamAsia Training, My Dream in a Shoebox, and for TeamAsia-managed campaigns. We call you, our existing contacts, from relevant industries, to inform you about said information that we think will be beneficial to your exercise of business
  2. Service delivery improvement – We analyze your website and social media activity. With this, we can see user trends and behavior. Then, we can deliver relevant, targeted content that would be of most interest to you;
  3. Email marketing – We also use your information to send you personalized email content that we think is relevant for you, or the nature of your business. We will send you information about TeamAsia, TeamAsia Training, My Dream in a Shoebox, and for TeamAsia-managed campaigns.

Who we share your information with

No information is shared outside of Hamlin-Iturralde Corporation. We never sell, lend, exchange, post publicly, chat, or send your information to other parties outside of the company. We have strict and stringent human resource policies that safeguard our data, especially our customer data. Breach of these policies are subject to corresponding penalties, depending on the gravity of the offense.

How we protect your information

We have systems in place, both in our IT systems and within our organizational workflows, that protect and secure our customer information:

  1. Role-based access control – Our internal systems assure that each employee level is allowed a specific level of access to our database. Only specific roles in the organizations are allowed access to customer data.
  2. Internal data security policy – we have specific protocols in place when accessing and handling data, they are namely:
    1. Password protection policy – Every six months all employees are required to update their passwords for their accounts and devices;
    2. Social media policy – We have stringent rules on social media use and best practices on mindful sharing on social media;
    3. Client-data handling – Our HR policy includes rules and penalties in prohibiting the sharing of confidential client information; and
    4. Non-disclosure agreements and use for marketing communications – Client information is protected by non-disclosure agreements that state the depth of information we can share as marketing communications. We are also required by our internal policies to get clearance from our clients whenever we are using specific information (e.g. values, case studies) for our brand marketing.
  3. IT security systems and software – Our internal work processes are protected by selective access. Our firewall software is always up-to-date, and includes an intrusion-prevention system feature. We also have anti-virus software in place all throughout our data systems, servers, and client computers.
  4. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption in our online media, including our various brand websites.

How Long We Retain Your Personal Data

In compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012, we are updating our contact database to make sure that the information we have is correct. We review our contact database annually, and we remove non-responding contacts from our list.

Should you wish to update your information with us, or to check if the information we have on you is still correct, kindly contact the Point of Contacts below.

Check and update your information

We are happy to keep, secure, and update your information. Contact us to review your information.

Mr. Jeff Enriquez
IT/Web Development Director
+63 2 847 3500 loc 201

What happens when there are changes in this policy

Changes on this Privacy Policy will automatically reflect on this webpage as soon as they are available. Once they are made available, they are immediately implemented.

TeamAsia Data Point of Contact

Mr. Jeff Enriquez
IT/Web Development Director
+63 2 847 3500 loc 201

Website and Social Media Privacy Policy

In TeamAsia, we communicate to our external stakeholders through a variety of channels – both online and offline, and we use and collect a variety of data. This data includes customer data, in the performance of our marketing communications.

This policy covers the following website and social media assets:

Above is our list of digital assets. All other assets that may resemble the brand, image, and liking of these assets but does not exactly reflect the URL of listed assets above, are not properties of Hamlin-Iturralde Corporation, and exchanging information through such assets should be treated with utmost care. For official business with Hamlin-Iturralde Corporation, please transact with the listed properties above only.

Data Collection through and in website

  • Contact information – If you have requested for information about our company, our products, and our services, through our websites and social media, for us to be able to contact you, we will need to collect some of your information, which may include, but are not limited to: your first and last name, email address, business phone number, mobile number, business address, your job title/position, company name, and nature of business.
  • Analytics – We collect your website and social media usage data anonymously to analyze trends, and be able to provide content that will be interesting for you.
  • Promos and special offers – For us to be able to launch promos and special offers, we may need to collect contact information from you.

How we protect your website usage data

Our brand websites are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption certificates that prevent circumvention and interruption of your data when you use our websites.

Our social media assets are protected by its providers’ secure data protection policies.

Website and Social Media Data Point Of Contact

Mr. Jeff Enriquez
IT/Web Development Director
+63 2 847 3500 loc 201

TeamAsia-Managed Campaigns

TeamAsia-managed campaigns are initiatives that are taken on by TeamAsia for its clients. These can be projects through our five core services: Experience (Events, Activations), Content (Public Relations, Media Relations), Creative, Digital (Social Media, Digital Marketing), and Integrated Marketing Communication.

You may contact our TeamAsia Data Point of Contact for more information about TeamAsia, as well as updating, revising, removing your information with us, and unsubscribing from our communications.