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Global delegates, speakers, and sponsors converge for International Outsourcing Summit

19 countries and 5 continents represented

(Manila, Philippines, October 26, 2010) – Approximately 300 senior executives in the BPO industry from almost 20 countries are in Manila as industry leaders, analysts, and allied sector managers discuss the next decade of BPO and challenges to growth, such as the shift to value-driven, complex services, the academe and developing the talent pool, emerging technology, new media, and vertical expansion and development.

The second annual International Outsourcing Summit: Global Market Leaders Addressing Global Issues taking place October 26-27 is organized by the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P). BPA/P executives are seeking to build on the success of the first Summit staged in 2009. The agenda for this year’s meeting has been expanded to address the expansion of the industry into new verticals and the emergence of competing BPO centers.

“We have seen phenomenal growth of the industry for over a decade, and its resilience was tested during the downturn last year. We did not only make headway during the uncertainty, we delivered double-digit growth, and we continue to see outsourcing poised to drive high-growth rates as we have seen in previous years. The challenge we face now is how we can continue to replicate our success. It is exciting to trade ideas with our counterparts from around the world, and to share insights into the direction outsourcing will take in its next decade,” said Oscar Sañez, president and CEO, BPA/P.

This year, more than twice as many countries are represented at the Summit compared to last year. The Summit also posted gains in the number of delegates, who primarily represent BPO and shared services facilities from mature and emerging BPO centers. Analysts and representatives from allied sectors such as the academe are also participating in the discussions. Emerging outsourcing verticals such as banking and finance, retail, health, legal, medical, and government are featured in breakout sessions, highlighting the expansion of outsourcing into higher-value services.

“We are honored to host a distinguished roster of delegates and speakers for the summit, and our success in holding this second Summit demonstrates the Philippines’ role as an investment and services leader in global outsourcing. We aim to incorporate the insights we gain from our delegates, panelists, and presenters into a strategic roadmap that will help ensure that we sustain and extend our leadership position notwithstanding the evolution of the industry, leadership, and the global economy,” said Alfred Ayala, Chairman, BPA/P.

About the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P)
The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P) is the umbrella organization for the fastest-growing industry in the Philippines. BPA/P has made several significant contributions that further strengthened the Philippines’ position as an emerging global leader in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. BPA/P undertakes research to support and promote industry growth, and regularly conducts CEO-level briefings; works closely with government to ensure a BPO-friendly investment and operating environment, and with the educational sector to provide a reliable supply of knowledge workers.