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Google Chrome: the Philippines’ Window to the Web

The fastest version of Google Chrome to date launches with customizable Pinoy features and innovative local distribution channels

Manila, Philippines (Sept. 30, 2010) – Google today introduced the latest and fastest version of its web browser, Google Chrome, to Filipino users, together with a suite of local features that make the browsing experience more personalized and powerful. Available in both English and Filipino on all major operating systems, Google Chrome offers a fast, simple, and secure way for Filipino users to experience the web. It can be downloaded in one easy click at

In the early days of the Internet, web pages were frequently little more than English text. But today the web has evolved into a powerful multilingual and global platform that enables users to collaborate with friends and colleagues through social networking sites, email, and other web applications, edit documents, watch videos, listen to music, manage finances, and much more. Google Chrome was built for today’s web and for the applications of tomorrow.

“Google Chrome lets users quickly, easily, and securely interact with the web sites and applications they care about, and it’s important that we, together with our local partners, bring that experience to the 25 million Internet users in the Philippines,” said Andrew McGlinchey, Head of Product Management, Google Southeast Asia. “As more and more Filipinos spend more time online, they need a browser that is extremely fast and powerful but does not get in their way. Just like the classic Google homepage, Google Chrome has a simple user interface with a sophisticated core to enable a speedy browsing experience.”

A faster, better web experience for Pinoy users

Every aspect of Google Chrome is optimized for speed, in order to get users where they want as quickly as possible. Google built a new JavaScript engine, V8, for Google Chrome, which not only speeds up today’s web sites, but enables a whole new class of web sites and applications that couldn’t exist on today’s browsers. As a result of constant improvement to V8, the current version of Chrome is three times faster than the first beta released a year and a half ago.

Google Chrome also has intuitive features that keep the user’s focus on web content, and not on the browser. For instance, users shouldn’t have to differentiate between typing a web address, such as, and a search query such as “what is a fast new way to browse the web?” Google Chrome combines the search and address bar into one at the top of the browser called the “omnibox,” which quickly takes users where they want to go, often in just a few keystrokes. The browser can also automatically detect when a user visits a site in a different language and translate the entire website into the user’s preferred language in less than a second. The current version of Google Chrome can even synchronize users’ bookmarks and browser preferences in the cloud so that users can access their personalized browser settings and sites from any computer, anywhere.

At the core of Google Chrome is stability and security. Each browser tab operates as a separate process; by isolating tabs, should one tab crash or misbehave, others remain stable and responsive, and users can continue working without having to restart Google Chrome. It also comes with SafeBrowsing, a feature that automatically detects malware and phishing attempts and alerts users if they are about to visit a site that may harm their computer. Finally, with Google Chrome, users don’t have to worry about upgrading to the latest and most secure version because Google Chrome updates automatically in the background. Users can be sure that they are always running the most up to date version of the browser.

Google Chrome‚Äďa true Filipino experience

As part of its effort to make the web as relevant and useful to people as possible, Google Chrome today also debuted new local features that were specifically created for Filipino users: eleven Chrome browser extensions and thirteen artist themes.

Extensions are small programs that can add informative, fun or useful functionality to the browser, thus making the browsing experience more personalized. Filipino users can now access the latest news from ABS-CBN and GMA, search for flights on Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific, catch up on the latest showbiz scoops on PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), look up foreign exchange rates through Banco De Oro, view top forum discussions on PinoyExchange, access frequently asked questions of the MMDA, find things to buy and sell on, get updates on Smart Bro news promotions, and look up schedules of Manila tours conducted by witty local guide Carlos Celdran, all with a click of a button on the Google Chrome browser, and without having to leave the page they are currently on.

Extensions are easy to install and automatically update themselves once downloaded. Using the Google Chrome browser, simply navigate to the Google Chrome extensions gallery at and select from thousands of extensions according to category.

Users can also express their personal style on Google Chrome by installing themes created by top designers, artists, and institutions in the Philippines. These include artworks by renowned graphic artist Arnold Arre, illustrators AJ Dimarucot, Corey Cruz, Dan Matutina, Drew Europeo, Electrolychee, Karen Gosingan and Paul Guadalupe, local fashion house Aranaz Bags, graphic design studio Team Manila, the School of Fashion and the Arts, social change organization Yabang Pinoy, and local tour guide Carlos Celdran. Ranging from the indigenous and patriotic to the whimsical and modern, these themes add a touch of inspiration and delight to the web browsing experience.

Users can easily select one of the Pinoy themes or install dozens of others submitted by artists from around the world at

One-click access to Chrome through innovative local distribution channels

To help more Filipinos access the web through Google Chrome, Google has partnered with local telecommunications company Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) to integrate Google Chrome into its services.

Smart, the Philippines’ leading wireless services provider, will be providing one-click access to Google Chrome on its Smart Bro USB modem, offered by Smart’s broadband unit Smart Broadband Inc. (SBI). Users of this service will be able to access the web through Google Chrome in a fast, simple, and secure manner by double-clicking on the Chrome icon that automatically appears when the device is connected to a computer.

Mr. Gio Bacareza, Head of Broadband Internet and Data Services Group, said, “Smart is delighted to partner with Google to promote the Google Chrome web browser through our Internet device, which is used by almost a million people in the country. Our partnership enables Smart customers to access Google Chrome by simply plugging in their Smart Bro USB modem to a computer. The browser installs within a matter of seconds and enables users to surf the Internet and use web applications smoothly. We are confident that our customers will enjoy the benefits from the combined offering of Smart and Google.”

“Google is excited to be working with Smart on this innovative distribution model that puts the Google Chrome web browser within easy reach of Filipino users,” said Andrew McGlinchey. “Through the Smart Bro USB modem, users can now get one-click access to the latest and fastest version of Google Chrome, which combines speed and power with the ease-of-use and simplicity users have come to expect from Google.”

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