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Philippine tech company eyes huge chunk of Asia-Pacific pie

Homegrown software firm Morphlabs Inc. is poised for massive growth in the Asia-Pacific region after receiving an infusion of $5 million in capital from several foreign investment funds earlier this month.

In a recent briefing, the company said the region’s bright economic prospects, combined with the relatively low adoption of state-of-the-art corporate information technology services, made for the perfect formula for growth of software firms like Morphlabs.

“Over the past year, Morphlabs has forged strategic partnerships to innovate, build and push the boundaries … in order to democratize access to enterprise-class efficient computing for IT organizations,” the company’s founder Winston Damarillo said.

Morphlabs, which is majority-owned by Filipinos but is based in California, specializes in delivering “cloud computing” services to companies around the world.

“We’re thrilled to use this round of funding to grow our team and to deliver highly available cloud environments for enterprises that might not otherwise be able to benefit from the cloud because of the challenges associated with existing public and private cloud deployment options,” Damarillo said.

Cloud computing services refer to software or infrastructure resources that are leased or rented out to corporations. These allow companies to access state-of-the-art technologies and high-powered computing services without investing in expensive equipment.

The company said it expects to raise more cash from investors that can be used to finance growth in Southeast Asia.

In a recent fund-raising exercise, the company gained $5 million in additional funding from strategic partners’ BBT of Japan and a private Indonesia-based investor group.

“Morphlabs understands that organizations must make intelligent capital investments in an emerging market, and its pay-per-use model reflects a commitment to fueling growth for Southeast Asian companies,” company president Singgih Tjahjono said in a statement.

Early this month, the company launched its mCloud Data Center Unit solution, “bringing the most modern dynamic infrastructure services to the fastest-growing countries in the world.”

The new mCloud service, Damarillo said, removes the complexities of implementing the best cloud computing solution on the market by leveraging an infrastructure blueprint and binding together mCloud software with the best-of-breed building blocks to deliver mission critical capabilities.

Morphlabs said it had partnered with hardware manufacturer Dell and local phone firm Globe Telecom for the launch of its mCloud solution.

The company said its new service was recently hailed as one of the most advanced in the market today, after being named one of three finalists in the recent Interop Awards in San Francisco. The company went up against global giants IBM and VMWare for the recognition.—Paolo G. Montecillo

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