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Rainy day must-haves for you and your kids

The first typhoon of the year has signalled the beginning of the stormy season. Aside from protecting your family from the damage of storms, it is also important to guard their health. Apart from eating healthy and taking vitamins regularly, keeping your kids dry and warm could make a big difference in preventing rainy day diseases especially during the rains.

To help you and your family stay dry and prevent rainy day illnesses, make sure you have these rainy season must-haves to wear or to store inside your bag:

Durable umbrella. Whether in summer or the rainy season, an umbrella should always be in your bag to shield you from unpredictable weather changes. People who don’t want to carry a big, long umbrella from home to work can opt for foldable ones with plastic or linen protector. If you have a car, choose big umbrellas with a plastic protector. Use one that is convenient, but remember to look for sturdiness and durability. Always go for mechanical types, with a thick cloth cover and a durable steel skeleton. If you’re in a tropical country, like the Philippines, go for black or dark-colored umbrellas to give you enough coverage against sunlight. If you travel a lot or stay in colder weather, bring a light-colored one or even a clear umbrella as you will only use it when it’s raining or snowing. Kids and teenagers can select colourful umbrellas for school.

Thick jacket. Protect yourself from cold temperature and rains by donning a thick, insulated jacket. For women, use jackets or cover-ups that flatter your figure. A variety of fashionable cover-ups are available for the season, such as cardigans, hoodies, and blazers. Men, on the other hand, should select tailored, waterproof cover-ups made of lightweight material. Children and teens can wear thicker jackets enough to protect them from sudden rain and cold weather inside and outside school.

Stylish hat or cap. Caps are great not only for keeping the head from getting wet, they are also good for hiding frizzy, unruly hair. When selecting rainy season head gear, choose one that matches the clothes you’re wearing. For casual wear, there are trucker and baseball hats. For stylish fashionistas, beanies, berets, or fedoras, are top choices. Kids and teens can choose from dozens of cap designs in the market. Just remember to tell your kids to remove those caps when they enter their classrooms.

Proper rainy season footwear. May it be a pair of boots or your favourite water-resistant plastic shoes, wearing the right pair can save you from the hassle of walking with wet feet in a pair of leather shoes. For most, who are not used to wearing boots in the rain, fashionable yet comfortable jelly shoes are great alternatives. Men can choose from rain boots made from natural rubber or PVC in classic colors like black and brown. Teens can wear wellies or colourful boots with funky designs.

Hygienic facial tissue with the right strength. Keeping a handy pack of dry facial tissues will help you dry wet feet or shoes during rainy days. Facial tissues are also great for dabbing sweat on the face or neck area when the hot weather unexpectedly arrives. For facial tissues, use 2-ply tissue products that are soft, hygienic, and long-lasting. Facial tissue brands like Tisyu and Sanicare offer just the right facial tissue for the whole family.

Alcohol or hand sanitizer for a quick disinfectant. For fast hand cleaning after touching wet surfaces or when in contact with disease, rub your palms with alcohol or hand sanitizer to keep infectious bacteria from contaminating you with various rainy day infections. Choose disinfectants with 60% or 70% ethanol for maximum protection.

Lip balm and lotion for moisturizing. Cold weather dries skin fast, so carry some lip balm and lotion for dry lips and skin. For lip balm, pick one that does not the contain lip-drying ingredient phenol. For lotion, buy one that comes in handy bottles so you can keep it in your bag and bring it anywhere you go.

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