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WHO report, study say paper towels prevent spread of bacteria

Leading local tissue manufacturer supports reports’ statement

(Manila, Philippines, February 03, 2010) – Reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) and University of Westminster state that hand drying using paper towels are more effective than other hand-drying tools in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Sanitary Care Products Asia, one of the leading tissue manufacturers in the country today, shares the same belief that paper towels remain the best choice for hand-drying. For SCPA, the statement from both reports posted a significant contribution in preventing communicable illnesses such as colds and flu.

“Using paper towels in public restrooms after hand washing prevents others from acquiring transmittable diseases. It also dries your hands more quickly,” marketing communications director Lea Sio said.

As makers of tissue products, SCPA understands the importance of hygiene when it comes to personal care items, which is why the company uses 100% virgin pulp in its tissue brands. Virgin pulp guarantees strong fibers free from dust and lint that can cause infection. To ensure the quality of its products, SCPA sources only from virgin pulp suppliers that do not use artificial whiteners such as elemental chlorine in their manufacturing processes. Artificial whitening agents like this may harm human skin.

“Every Filipino consumer deserves to have a choice when it comes to choosing a personal care product that ensures their health and safety. We’ve incorporated the use of virgin pulp to our paper towels and every tissue product we make because as a raw material, it’s cleaner than recycled paper for it doesn’t have to go through so many chemical processes to make it usable,” Sio said.

During the H1N1 epidemic last year, WHO recommended the use of paper towels after hand washing to prevent cross contamination of the disease. The WHO report mentioned findings that paper towels performed better than air dryers in reducing the number of bacteria after washing.

On the other hand, another research conducted by scientists in the University of Westminster showed that air dryers might spread bacteria within a public restroom and increase number of bacteria after washing. Scientists found that the total number of bacteria increased on average by 254% on palms with warm air dryers, while bacteria on palms are reduced by 77% with paper towels.

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Sanitary Care Products Asia (SCPA) is a local manufacturer of hygienic tissue products made from 100% virgin pulp. Pulp fibers used in SCPA products come from reforestated trees from different parts of the world, making it an environment-friendly brand. SCPA’s wide range of paper products includes bathroom tissue, facial tissue, table napkins, and paper towels. Over the years, its product line has expanded into various hygienic items such as cotton balls and cotton rolls. Established in 1996, SCPA continues to serve over 5,000 stores with its innovative paper and hygienic products distributed nationwide. Today, SCPA has seven branches and 13 office satellites in different regions of the country.