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Research firm sees rise in companies adopting cloud-based services

Software provider inContact lists six reasons to consider the cloud model

(Manila, Philippines) – Organizations in Asia Pacific that use cloud computing services will continue to increase this year, according to analyst firm XMG Global in its Top Ten Predictions for 2011.

According to the 2010 XMG Global study on cloud adoption, the number of companies using cloud computing has already doubled since 2007 and estimates that it will grow by 26% annually from 2010-2012. Small and medium-sized businesses on the cloud will also rise to acquire market share.

XMG Global added, “Integrating existing and cloud applications is critical given the Asian mindset of ‘leveraging’ and ‘protecting’ investments. A more promising private cloud model will be attractive to large conglomerates to share development resources as infrastructure, software, and service providers collaborate on a range of new offerings and solutions.”

Aside from its ability to reduce long-term costs, cloud computing has more advantages, especially to call centers, which comprise the fastest-growing industry in the country.

For call centers, the cloud model provides ease of customization, integration, and flexibility, according to Junie Pama, Country Manager of cloud-based software provider inContact. “It’s perfect for those who want or need minimum hardware and software upgrades, additional capacity, short demand and disaster recovery preparation, social media integration, installation of a home-agents program, and functionality and interwork with legacy systems for data synchronization.”

Cloud solutions are typically implemented incrementally and are designed to interwork with your existing technology and telephony,” he added.

Although many companies are moving into the “cloud,” success in educating the enterprise, customer experience, and product bundling will be critical to market uptake for both private and public clouds, XMG Global said.

inContact saw these gaps and built presence in the country just last year, providing flexible, innovative cloud-based solutions to local contact center companies. The company also recently launched a new website that contains updated information about the benefits of the cloud model, as well as a blog that publishes several times a week on the subject.

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