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The future of food is here

Filipino cuisine is most often regarded as a closely guarded secret in the culinary world. But in just three days, this Filipino flavor is a secret no more. Through Madrid Fusión Manila, one of the largest global culinary events this year, Philippine cuisine has catapulted to the global stage.

Social media has been a key tool in creating buzz for the event, while Madrid Fusión Manila’s website has kept the public informed about various aspects of this momentous event. Behind all these are the brilliant minds of TeamAsia, an integrated marketing communications firm which has sponsored all digital marketing needs of the event.

“We love food,” said TeamAsia Managing Director Bea Lim. “Madrid Fusión Manila was an important event to showcase local flavors and the gifted culinary minds here in the country. It is also an important venue to integrate the ideas and techniques of some of the world’s most celebrated chefs with our very own cuisine to create a one-of-a-kind gastronomical experience.”

The team utilized social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to build awareness and engagement for the event. They posted compelling content which helped netizens be informed with the latest updates and give the public an idea of what happens at an International Gastronomy event such as Madrid Fusión Manila by showcasing the mouthwatering culinary masterpieces discussed and served at the event as well as the scrumptious abundance of local ingredients available at the Trade exhibit.

Meanwhile, the website served as a bible of the event containing comprehensive information about the chefs who will present during the three-day event, conference schedule and even hotel and tour information for foreigners who will visit the country for Madrid Fusión Manila.

“This is the age of social media and the Internet and we believe that the best medium to really drum up interest is online. So we created compelling content for both social media channels and the event’s website.”

Taking it to another level of experience

TeamAsia is known for its work with companies to build and strengthen their brand and broaden their visibility through the effective practice of integrated marketing communications. For Madrid Fusión Manila, an event which sets the Philippines as the center of culinary excellence in Asia, TeamAsia pulled the big guns to ensure the success of the event by promoting it in the digital space. “We all know that the Philippines is home of really awesome cuisine, and from the beginning, we knew that we wanted to be part of the journey to shine the spotlight on our country’s unique and rich flavors,” Lim said.

TeamAsia also provided live coverage through social media from the SMX Convention Center to bring the gastronomic conversation online. Summaries and photos were also uploaded on the website to get the gist of each and every session and food experience.

Next month, TeamAsia will again play an important part in another major food event. The agency is handling the public and media relations as well as event management of the country’s first Zomato Restaurant Summit. The event is expected to gather some of the biggest names in the Philippines restaurant industry as they tackle and discuss various breakthroughs and innovations in their field.

“It really seems like that Philippine cuisine is now at the forefront of the global food movement and we are very excited by the amazing prospects of it,” Lim concluded.

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