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Carryboy Philippines to launch Caravan Homes

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Carryboy Philippines expands to trailer and recreational vehicle markets

(Manila, Philippines, March 8, 2010) – In a bid to create a strong niche in the trailer and recreational vehicle markets, Carryboy Philippines Inc. has announced that it is launching the Carryboy Caravan Homes by the end of the first quarter. The Caravan Homes are the first of its kind in the Philippine market, and are expected to appeal to families, busy professionals, and leisure or adventure travelers.

“The Carryboy Caravan Homes are designed to ensure convenience, flexibility, and comfort,” said Jun Ylagan, president and chief executive of Carryboy Philippines Inc. “With the Caravan Homes, traveling is not just another road trip – it’s an adventure,” he added.

Carryboy Philippines Inc. is the exclusive local distributor of world-class Carryboy accessories and parts for pick-up trucks, sport utility vans, action utility vehicles, and cars. Carryboy is ISO 9001:2000- and TÜV-certified for quality manufacturing and safety.

There are two types of Caravan Homes to suit any lifestyle – the Mobile Home and Motor Home.

The Caravan Mobile Home is a trailer towed by an SUV or pick-up truck. Its body is made of premium fiberglass sheet produced in Germany. The gel-coat surface finish of the sheet acts as a heat insulator, making the Mobile Home comfortable, rustproof, and lightweight. The unit has a built-in double-deck bed, kitchen, and toilet, and can accommodate up to six persons comfortably.

The Caravan Motor Home, on the other hand, “is a recreational vehicle (RV) with a twist,” Ylagan said. “You can think of it as a plush condo-on-the-go,” he explained. The Motor Home has a built-in toilet, shower, and sofa bed. It is also equipped with a microwave oven, a 1.7 cu. ft. refrigerator, and a home theater system with a 20-inch LED TV and DVD player.

“The Carryboy Caravan Homes are perfect for almost any occasion, whether it’s enjoying time with family and friends, exploring places in a whole new way, or even closing important business deals out of town,” Ylagan said. “For instance, people who travel for business will appreciate the Motor Home because it can keep up with their busy lifestyles.”

A recent US study concluded that the so-called “RV lifestyle” is more cost-effective compared with other vacation options. Travel and tourism research firm PKF Consulting, in a study commissioned by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), found that a family of four can save up to 74% of their vacation budget using an RV compared with the usual types of vacations in top US destinations.

The Carryboy Caravan Homes can be customized to suit diverse requirements and are easy to maintain. These new outdoor luxuries are now available on an advanced order basis with easy-financing payment schemes through Carryboy Philippines beginning March 2010. For more information, call Carryboy Philippines at 366-7885.

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Carryboy Philippines Inc. distributes high-quality genuine accessories and parts for pick-up trucks, sport utility vans, action utility vehicles, and cars. Carryboy products include canopies, roll bars, roller-up covers, nudge guards, roof baskets, wrap-around flares, and claddings. Carryboy Philippines Inc. serves a variety of customers and markets through its strong sales and service network.