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eBook publisher PodTribe announces new titles

(Hong Kong, February 14, 2012) – Hong Kong-based eBook publisher PodTribe Ltd announced new titles under the ‘How to be an Icon’ and ‘Gurus’ series: How to be The Greatest Like Muhammad Ali by Steve Dawson, How to be Hot like the Glee Cast by Nury Vittachi and Food Gurus by Steve Vines.

The new titles will be sold on the Amazon Kindle Store and the PodTribe website during the first quarter of 2012. ‘How to be an Icon’ features the biographies of historical and contemporary icons. The new Gurus series presents the life and philosophy of similarly impressive personalities in a concise and entertaining format.

“PodTribe’s new lineup of books provides a new perspective on the personalities we have grown to admire in one way or another, and provides insights on how they’ve shaped our culture and consciousness,” said Michael Alan Hamlin, PodTribe CEO. “Aside from the great Muhammad Ali and the multi-talented cast of the hit television show Glee, we also take a look at the lives of ‘Food Gurus’, from Catherine de Medici and Ferran Adrià to Julia Child and Jaime Oliver.”

The eBooks How to be Wild like Keith Richards: 50 Years of Riffs, Spliffs, Snorting & Soul from the Original Wild Man of Rock ‘n’ Roll and How to be Ferocious like Sir Alex Ferguson: Hits & Memories of the Human Hairdryer: The Tantrums, the Tirades, the Trophies are now available on the Amazon Kindle Store and the PodTribe website.

In How to be Ferocious like Sir Alex Ferguson, Glenn Connley goes behind the scenes “to reveal the true story behind the tantrums, tirades, torments and trophies which have cemented Sir Alex as a managerial maestro.” Connley is the face and voice of European football in Singapore. He is best known as the presenter of FC Daily, the Football Channel’s nightly flagship news program.

Jack Wilson chronicles the life and music of The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards, offering “a humorous, often tongue-in-cheek look at the man who is still regarded as the poster boy for bad behavior.” Wilson not only looks at the rollercoaster life of “Keef”, but also those of musicians like Keith Moon, Eric Clapton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ozzy Osbourne and Snoop Dogg, whose stellar yet controversial careers often mirrored that of Richards.

Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd acquired the hardcopy rights to the two books and select titles in the series. “We’re excited to have Marshall Cavendish on board. Our teams collaborated on developing the book cover and illustrations for both the print and digital editions,” Hamlin said.

The series ‘How to be an Icon’ and ‘Gurus’ are packed with information, illustrations, quotes, anecdotes about icons and relevant links. Kindle and PodTribe ePub editions retail for US$6.99. For more information, visit PodTribe at

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