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inContact introduces eLearning software for agent talent development

Cloud-based services provider offers more efficient, less costly call center solutions

(Manila, Philippines) – Leading cloud-based solutions provider inContact recently introduced talent development and management software in the market, in a training convention held last month by TeleDevelopment, a local BPO and call center firm.

The inContact eLearning software, an online learning management system (LMS), allows agents and coaches to train and develop call center skills through its built-in tools in communications, agent coaching and management, training, sales performance coaching, as well as accountability and reporting.

“There are evolving talent requirements and client needs that companies have to consider to improve business performance. Our eLearning solutions let employees grow smarter and more knowledgeable, helping them perform well in their roles and preparing them for new ones in career development. The system aims to radically increase skills, strengthening human capital to boost company operations and sustain business,” inContact Country Manager Junie Pama said.

The software enables call center management to create custom content and deliver it directly to the agents’ desktops, without the use of a training room. Training can be delivered on a schedule or management can program “learning breaks” when call volumes are low.

“With our eLearning software, talent development issues can be addressed to help the country attain its $20-25 billion revenue growth by 2016 and retain its place on the top spot of global BPO standing,” Pama said.

Aside from LMS and the reliable, secure, and robust cloud-based inContact call routing solution, inContact’s core products also include Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and additional workforce optimization solutions.

“Our hosted ACD software features inbound/outbound call blending so when volumes increase and service level goals start to slip, important calls can be automatically routed to outbound agents. And because we’re a cloud-based call center provider, we allow businesses with multiple call center locations unify call distribution across the globe,” Pama said.

On the other hand, its IVR software enables agents to focus more on call center’s most profitable activities by automatically communicating with customers and providing information on accounts, communications, sales promotions, or new company initiatives.

“The IVR software allows customers to self-solve on basic functions like bill pay, account inquiries and more. When your call center is closed, the IVR adds an extra level of convenience by enabling your customers to take care of business after hours,” Pama explained.

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