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Local tissue manufacturers gain foothold in foreign-dominated market

Disposable paper products industry posts growth

(Manila, Philippines, February 09, 2010) – Global market report provider Euromonitor International reported an improved performance in the country’s disposable paper products industry, as local manufacturers continue to contribute to the industry’s healthy growth with aggressive marketing strategies.

Leading tissue paper manufacturer Sanitary Care Products Asia (SCPA), one of the local players in the industry posted a 20% increase in revenues last year, proving that local tissue manufacturers in the Philippines have obtained a significant share of consumers in the market alongside multinational companies.

“As a local manufacturer of tissue products, SCPA is proud to be one of the industry’s key players who have successfully acquired a significant share in the local market. We strongly believe that Filipino brands have the capacity to be recognized here and in other countries because of our product quality and assortment,” marketing communications director Lea Sio said.

SCPA supplies over 5,000 stores nationwide, capturing local consumers with its line of export-quality tissue products that guarantee affordability and strength. The company’s advocacy in using 100% virgin pulp in manufacturing all its tissue brands was well-received by customers, especially mothers, who are looking for hygienic personal care items to ensure their family’s health and safety.

According to the report, innovations such as scent infusion and improvement of aesthetic quality of products are becoming the focus of disposable paper product manufacturers in the Philippines today.

“Innovation is important at SCPA, which is why we continuously develop new products to serve the new needs of our consumers as well as our corporate and institutional clients. We try to improve our products according to the changing needs of our target markets,” she said.

Recently, SCPA introduced two new tissue products in the market—Sanicare Décor-Embossed Design and Sanicare Ecolayers. Sanicare Décor-Embossed goes beyond the aesthetics. The decors serve as binding points that eliminate the irritating tendencies of 2-ply rolls to separate and expose the rough side of the sheet. On the other hand, Sanicare Ecolayers features layered recycled-grade paper between virgin pulp layers and a technology in embossing called laminated nested embossing.

Layering recycled-grade paper between two virgin pulp sheets ensures hygienic tissue rolls, while the embossing technology guarantees a strong and durable tissue paper for everyday use.

SCPA was established in 1996 by its founder Renato Sio, a former paper manufacturing executive and expert. Since then, the company grew into seven branches with 13 office satellites in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Its range of bathroom tissue, facial tissue, and paper towel products include Sanicare, Tisyu, Femme, Cheers, and Jade.

About Sanitary Care Products Asia
Sanitary Care Products Asia (SCPA) is a local manufacturer of hygienic tissue products made from 100% virgin pulp. Pulp fibers used in SCPA products come from reforestated trees from different parts of the world, making it an environment-friendly brand. SCPA’s wide range of paper products includes bathroom tissue, facial tissue, table napkins, and paper towels. Over the years, its product line has expanded into various hygienic items such as cotton balls and cotton rolls. Established in 1996, SCPA continues to serve over 5,000 stores with its innovative paper and hygienic products distributed nationwide. Today, SCPA has seven branches and 13 office satellites in different regions of the country.