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Philippines hosts International Outsourcing Summit

Delegate attendance expected to increase as conference draws near

(Manila, Philippines) – At least 15 countries in 5 continents will be sending delegates and speakers to this year’s International Outsourcing Summit, which will be held October 26-27 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza. Over 250 attendees have been confirmed to date, and more are expected to attend, especially from emerging outsourcing locations such as Africa and South America, as well as from established hubs such as India, and outsourcers such as North America and Europe.

“We are seeing increased interest from locations that are seeing the value of outsourcing both as prospective clients, and as providers of outsourced services. The unprecedented mix of delegates and speakers will contribute to the sharing of best practices, as well as enrich the overall discussion on the future of the BPO industry, its opportunities, and challenges, during the summit,” said Oscar Sañez, CEO of the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP).

The summit also features participation from allied BPO partner associations from around the world, such as the European Outsourcing Association (EOA) and the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. More complex outsourcing services are also heavily represented at the summit, with delegates and speakers from the animation, transcription, game development, software, HR, and marketing verticals attending. In addition, the world’s top outsourcers, service providers, industry analysts, and outsourcing centers and captives will be attending, notably Accenture, PricewaterhouseCoopers, JPMorgan Chase, Procter and Gamble, Sykes, HSBC, and Shell Shared Services.

The agenda for the summit highlights the decade-long success of the BPO industry, and the changing environment for success given the past two years’ economic uncertainty and increased risk. Featured panels include talent specialization and the emergence of language as a competitive differentiator in labor supply, strategies for emerging locators and locations, and competitive advantages in a changing business climate. New technology will also be extensively discussed vis-à-vis its role for IT managers, HR practitioners, and vendors of emerging Web 2.0 platforms.

“The success of last year’s summit encouraged us to be more focused in our agenda for this year. The International Outsourcing Summit will have six unique breakout sessions that cover growing verticals in outsourcing, specifically retail, health services, government, banking and finance, marketing, and human resources. We recognize that these industries have challenges specific to their nature, especially since they offer higher value services that have intrinsically more complex requirements,” said Sañez.

In addition to plenary sessions, breakouts, and discussions, the second International Outsourcing Summit will provide a recap of the first conference, as well as extensive networking and business-matching opportunities.

About the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P)
The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P) is the umbrella organization for the fastest-growing industry in the Philippines. BPA/P has made several significant contributions that further strengthened the Philippines’ position as an emerging global leader in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. BPA/P undertakes research to support and promote industry growth, and regularly conducts CEO-level briefings; works closely with government to ensure a BPO-friendly investment and operating environment, and with the educational sector to provide a reliable supply of knowledge workers.