Press Release

Pinoy and Spanish food secrets shared through Twitter, IG and FB at Madrid Fusion Manila

MANILA, Philippines – I tweeted, used Instagram and even sent a few FB posts to be able to share, as quickly and accurately as it happened, the talks at Madrid Fusion Manila. It was a weekend well spent, at least for me. I learned so much about food, and how it unites a country, helps share a culture and promotes what is at the heart of each Pinoy – pride in good food.

I grew up knowing that Filipino cuisine is most often regarded as a closely guarded secret in the culinary world, and in Pinoy homes. But, from April 24 to 26,  the Filipino food secret was let out to the world. Through Madrid Fusión Manila, Philippine cuisine was catapulted to the global stage.

As I checked the many posts I saw on Twitter and Instagram, I noticed how even Spanish chefs, here in the Philippines for the first time, took to Instagram and Twitter to share their impresssions and experiences at SMX and beyond.

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