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Sanitary Care Products Asia launches Ecolayers line

Introduces several innovations in tissue paper converting

Leading tissue product manufacturer Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc. (SCPA) launched the newest addition to its Sanicare line – the Sanicare Ecolayers tissue rolls. Known as the experimental “hybrid project,” SCPA’s Sanicare Ecolayers combines 100% virgin pulp and a layer of recycled-grade paper, designed to address consumers’ growing concerns for the environment, as well as the company’s commitment to soft, hygienic tissue products.

Sanicare Ecolayers features three unique innovations introduced for the first time in the country’s tissue product manufacturing industry. The three-ply tissue has top and bottom layers made from 100% virgin pulp, which guarantees a stronger tissue surface safer for human contact. Between these layers is Sanicare’s recycled-grade paper called the ecolayer. These are then combined to form a tissue roll using laminated nested embossing. This lamination technology ensures that the middle layer stays sandwiched between the virgin pulp sheets. SCPA is the first company in the Philippines to use this technology on bathroom tissues.

The Ecolayers provide strength for personal use, without sacrificing softness and hygiene, as it is laminated between two layers of 100% virgin pulp. The innovation allows SCPA to produce sturdy but soft bathroom tissues using recycled products, but without unpleasant effects such as tearing, linting, or shredding. In addition, Sanicare Ecolayers and other Sanicare tissue products are more affordable than imported tissue brands offering the same high-quality features.

“We developed Sanicare Ecolayers to address consumers’ growing concerns about the environment and our advocacy of using 100% virgin pulp for tissue products that have sensitive application,” marketing communications director Lea Sio said.

“By ensuring the ecolayer is maintained between 100% virgin pulp through the nested lamination technology, the Sanicare 600s Ecolayers affirms SCPA’s belief in using recycled products where this has no adverse effects on the consumers,” she added.

The use of virgin pulp in tissue making is standard practice for hygiene and sanitation purposes. SCPA differentiates itself further in the manufacturing process by sourcing its raw paper materials from suppliers that have reforestation projects in place, ensuring that all their products are made from renewable materials.

Sio clarifies SCPA’s position on recyclable materials by stating, “While there is demand for recycled materials, we acknowledge that human contact with recycled-grade paper may have harmful effects. Thus, we developed the Ecolayer line to address both paper consumption and comfort demands of customers, and we look forward to using and developing more innovations to address both needs.”

About Sanitary Care Products Asia
Sanitary Care Products Asia (SCPA) is a local manufacturer of hygienic tissue products made from 100% virgin pulp. Pulp fibers used in SCPA products come from reforestated trees from different parts of the world, making it an environment-friendly brand. SCPA’s wide range of paper products includes bathroom tissue, facial tissue, table napkins, and paper towels. Over the years, its product line has expanded into various hygienic items such as cotton balls and cotton rolls. Established in 1996, SCPA continues to serve over 5,000 stores with its innovative paper and hygienic products distributed nationwide. Today, SCPA has seven branches and 13 office satellites in different regions of the country.