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Selfie Your Way to the Best Job Opportunities

Manila, Philippines — ‘Selfie’ has now found its place in the English dictionary. From celebrities at the Oscars to college students and working professionals, everyone seems to have been bitten by the selfie bug. Selfies have become synonymous with capturing moments and presenting ourselves for others. Today, majority of us rely on others’ perceptions, judgments and appraisals to develop our social and professional self.

With this in mind, Monster came up with a selfie contests. The contests will be conducted on Facebook.  Monster will give you an opportunity to connect and network with recruiters, and keep you updated on the latest company news, job prospects and lead you to better jobs.

The Perfect Selfie and Your Reward!

To participate in Monster’s “Show Us the Monster Inside You” selfie contest on Facebook, you should first like the page, and then complete a simple contest information form. You can then take a selfie at work, alone or with your colleagues, and add a caption based on the weekly themes to be announced on Monster’s page. Share it online using the hashtag #MonsterWorknPlay, tag 5 of your friends, and you’re set! Monster’s Facebook selfie contest will run for 4 weeks with a winner being announced at the end of each week. Monster will also give away a grand prize to the overall best Selfie at the Monster Philippines Job Fair.

Monster will also be having an onsite Facebook contest in 7 selected locations around the Metro for 7 days. To be part of the contest, you will need to first like’s Facebook page, then snap a selfie with the Monster set-up the background, add a caption, then use the hashtag #MonsterWorknPlay and share it online. A total of 7 individual winners will be awarded attractive prizes.

Winners of the Selfie contest will win an iPad and even enjoy a free ride in a luxury car to your destination for the onsite contest. You also stand a chance to meet with Company Heads over a meal and drinks.

So start snapping! Don’t be limited by traditional selfies and show how creative you can be! Monster’s Selfie Contest wraps up with the Monster Philippines Job Fair, which can enhance your job prospects! Don’t forget to register for the Monster Philippines Job Fair at <>

The Monster Philippines Job Fair takes place from February 23 to 27, 2015. Apart from offering a networking opportunity with recruiters, is offering attractive rewards with its Selfie contests that will help you have fun while you fast track your career.

At the event, students and candidates with three to five years of experience will have the opportunity to meet multiple top-rate employers in the same day.

The last Monster Philippines Job Fair featured 10 prestigious BPO companies and offered over 268 job opportunities to potential job seekers. This year, Monster goes the extra mile to help Filipinos to ‘Wake Up & Find Better’.

Are you searching for your dream job, but you’re not sure where to find it? Sign up for Monster Philippines <<>_<SelfieYourWaytotheBestJobOpportunities>&WT.mc_n=olm_sk_IN_B2C_Career_Articles_< >_<SelfieYourWaytotheBestJobOpportunities> to get access to the best roles and download Monster Mobile App for on-the-go convenience. <<>_<SelfieYourWaytotheBestJobOpportunities>&WT.mc_n=olm_sk_IN_B2C_Career_Articles_<>_<SelfieYourWaytotheBestJobOpportunities>

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