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SMEs gain better access to enterprise solutions with Gurango Software

Affordable management solution provider Gurango Hosted Solutions empowers Philippine SMEs

(Manila, Philippines, March 14, 2012) – Philippine-based global software company Gurango Software Corporation (GSC) is supporting the development and business performance of small and medium enterprises or SMEs by providing affordable systems and process management solutions accessible in the cloud.

Called Gurango Hosted Solutions (GHS), the solution provides SMEs access to innovative on-demand services, delivering enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions anytime, anywhere.

GHS was developed in response to the growth of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country, which account for 99.6% of total businesses and 32.8% of total employment (or about 1,864,559 jobs). According to the Department of Trade and Industry, MSMEs contribute 25% of the country’s total export revenues; an estimated 60% of exporters belong to this sector.

According to GSC founder and managing director Joey Gurango, the use of ERP and CRM solutions is typically associated with large firms that are capable of investing in such applications. The availability of on-demand service through the cloud is a game changer, enabling SMEs access to a suite of cost-effective enterprise solutions.

“SMEs can now take advantage of powerful enterprise solutions in the cloud at a price that suits their needs,” Gurango said. Cloud or hosted solutions only requires a computer and an Internet connection, eliminating the worries on maintenance costs or significant business losses from downtime and crashes. GSC essentially manages the service, including data storage and security in the back-end.

Small businesses can also use the cloud to increase productivity and encourage collaboration. Companies using ERP can achieve real-time integration of financial, manufacturing, and sales data, among others. Meanwhile, small retailers can utilize the CRM system to manage customer interactions as well as processes that generate business leads.

“We recognize that businesses, particularly SMEs, are increasingly relying on the web to accomplish tasks inside and outside the office. GHS gives SMEs that flexibility and capability with the addition of a familiar interface from Microsoft,” said Gurango. “New users need less training, further reducing costs in setting up the solution.”

According to a survey commissioned by Microsoft in 2011, SMEs across Asia Pacific remain reluctant to adopt cloud computing technologies primarily due to the lack of awareness. GSC is addressing this by making the on-demand service available to SMEs and communicating the benefits of using enterprise solutions through the cloud.

GSC was recently awarded the Partner of the Quarter (October to December 2011) by Microsoft Philippines during its Partner Briefing attended by Microsoft Dynamics partners. Daphane Flores, GSC Sales and Marketing Manager, was also honored by Microsoft with Excellence in Pipeline Management, Sales Excellence-Installed-Base, and Circle of Excellence awards.

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Gurango Software Corporation ( helps clients achieve their ambitions by building business solutions using Microsoft technologies. The company works closely with our clients to improve the productivity of their people and reduce costs using our finance, manufacturing, supply chain, HR/payroll, customer relationship, and hosted solutions built on Microsoft technology platform. GSC is a Microsoft-dedicated provider of Dynamics ERP solutions.