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StarTek promotes healthier, more productive workplace

Contact center launches exclusive fitness club, supports recreational activities

High-value business process outsourcing company StarTek is promoting health and wellness in the workplace with the launch of an indoor fitness center in its Makati and Ortigas sites. According to StarTek country manager Rod Spires, the firm’s continued success involves ensuring that its employees lead healthy lives that contribute to keeping them highly motivated.

Because of the nature of their work, which typically includes varying shifts, employees in the contact center industry may find it challenging to maintain a regular fitness regimen in commercial gyms and other facilities outside the workplace. After a long day, once outside the company physically, it’s natural to choose to go home and get some sleep rather than head to the nearest fitness center.

“Ensuring our employees’ physical and mental well-being is key to sustaining our growth. We recognize the value of regular exercise and its impact on overall health, which is why we opted to provide an indoor wellness facility. Our people can schedule a workout that fits well with their schedules despite the inevitable shifts we must make to best serve our clients,” Spires explained.

Spires added that being healthy is not just about being physically fit; it also means being well, emotionally and psychologically. “It’s about allowing individuals to realize a fulfilling career in the industry. We also ensure that other recreational activities are available in the workplace to help relieve work-related tension. This is where our internal hobby groups come in.”

StarTek nurtures internal, interest-focused groups called “Genuinely Interesting Guilds” (GIGs) and other organizations that contribute to work-life balance for thousands of employees. These informal organizations spearhead initiatives and activities such as a mommy nook, a Star Chef Challenge involving teams of aspiring chefs, indoor tournaments, Halloween Trick or Treat, and Powerhouse Soiree.

The Colorado-based firm grew its Philippine workforce 1,000% in the last three years and now has over 4,000 employees, with plans to expand career centers in the metro. “Our priority is to develop a good working environment and a team that’s healthy and productive. We will continue to find ways to make our work here as enjoyable as it is world-class.” Spires said.

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