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Sustainable value chain new business imperative, says FirstCarbon Solutions exec

Manila, Philippines—Global companies with vast supply networks are now looking at their suppliers’ ability to provide business-critical climate change data, according to James Donovan, chief executive officer of FirstCarbon Solutions, the supply chain scoring partner of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

The CDP Supply Chain Report 2012 states that global corporations “are now shifting their business models to drive strategy, innovation and long-term change along the entire value chain.” The report also noted that supply-chain engagement leads to new revenue opportunities and better brand positioning, as well as reduced risks and costs.

“Creating a sustainable value chain is now a business imperative,” says Donovan. “Drivers toward a sustainable supply chain include scarce resources and unstable prices, stricter domestic and international regulations, as well as pressure from customers that are increasingly becoming environmentally conscious.”

A member of ADEC Group, FirstCarbon Solutions is a global provider of comprehensive environmental and sustainability solutions for private corporations and the public sector. Through innovative, efficiency-driving initiatives, the company enables organizations to minimize resource use and environmental impact while achieving their bottom-line objectives.

Donovan said a sustainable supply chain can mean “competitive advantage for businesses, more value for money for customers, and significantly reduced environmental impact.” A sustainable value chain likewise promotes ethical trade through reduced auditing, improved trust and cooperation among suppliers and buyers, and better efficiency.

“Corporate social responsibility is not just about your company doing its own activities for the environment,” Donovan stressed. “It now includes taking steps to encourage those you do business with to take care of the environment with you.”

A pioneer and industry leader in environmental sustainability solutions, FirstCarbon Solutions was awarded its second US General Services Administration (GSA) contract for energy consulting services. The five-year contract provides local, state, and federal governments to have access to services such as expert advice, assistance, and guidance on energy legislation and policy.

About FirstCarbon Solutions
FirstCarbon Solutions is a global provider of comprehensive environmental and sustainability solutions for enterprise and government clients that are increasingly under pressure to minimize resource use and environmental impacts while achieving profit and budget objectives. The company is the first to fully integrate sustainability and environmental management consulting and software with deep expertise in back office data processing to deliver integrated energy and sustainability solutions that drive better decision making by understanding how improved environmental practices affect all areas of the business. FirstCarbon Solutions is an ADEC Group company with 14 years in the industry serving customers around the world, and has offices throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America. For more information, visit

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