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TESDA supports first IT-BPO trainers’ training in PHL

Villanueva spearheads IT-BPO training to ensure industry competitiveness

(Manila, Philippines, September 24, 2012)—Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) director general Joel Villanueva announced a partnership with the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) to administer Trainers Methodology Plus (TM Plus), the first information technology and business process outsourcing (IT-BPO)-focused trainers’ training program in the Philippines.

The program was launched at the University of Makati, the principal partner Technical Vocational Institution (TVI) in rolling out TM Plus in the National Capital Region. Villanueva expressed optimism for the partnership.

“Among TESDA’s priorities are programs that enhance the skills of trainers and align them with the skill sets industry requires. It’s not enough to have people of productive capabilities. They must be given the right skills by capable trainers to become productive employees,” he said. “The TM Plus training provides the means for trainers to acquire the competencies required to capably deliver training to IT-BPO standards. This is an important and necessary step in developing the training infrastructure required to prepare workers for today’s jobs.”

“The initial batch of TM Plus trainers taking the course will in turn provide the same training to other batches, providing a multiplier effect and increasing opportunities to receive IT-BPO-oriented training,” he said.

Villanueva has played an active and instrumental role in other projects undertaken by TESDA and BPAP. “Working closely with BPAP over the years, I have seen the industry’s exponential growth and impact. I have also witnessed how the IT-BPO industry has continuously recognized the significant contribution of its talented workforce,” Villanueva said. “TESDA will continue to help develop a dynamic generation of future IT-BPO professionals to sustain the industry’s growth.”

Benedict Hernandez, BPAP president and CEO, said that the industry values its partnership with government, especially in the area of skills development. “Prospects for Filipino talent remain bright. The Philippines is among the top global destinations for outsourcing services,” he said.

“But industry growth can only be sustained if we have a steady supply of talent and the trainers to develop them,” Hernandez explained. “The support of TESDA director general Villanueva for our goals, and particularly the TM Plus program, is testament to the productive relationship the industry has established with its government partners for this purpose.”

TESDA executive director for Planning Maria Susan P. Dela Rama said the 30 trainees present during the launch are among the first batch of 900 enrollees. TM Plus will be facilitated by 12 TESDA-accredited trainers from Aegis, one of the largest IT-BPO providers with operations in the Philippines, who have already completed the Trainers Methodology 1 (TM 1), an existing TESDA course that is intended to enhance training skills.

“The IT-BPO industry requires a different set of skills and a unique environment that the trainers experience in the program,” said Dela Rama. “The role of TM Plus is to standardize training programs for trainers and produce well-equipped trainers that will help employees realize their potential in the industry. According to Dela Rama, TM Plus will also be implemented in TVIs in Visayas and Mindanao before the end of the year.

In 2011, the IT-BPO industry generated US$11 billion in revenues and employed approximately 640,000 people. According to an industry roadmap, the industry is projected to employ 1.3 million Filipinos to become a $25-billion industry by 2016.

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