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BPO heroes emerge amidst calamity

IT-BPO firms acknowledge dedicated employees

Operations in many information technology and business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) firms were affected by the recent monsoon surge in Luzon and Metro Manila. The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) advised employees to make personal safety and security their principal concern when deciding to report for work during inclement weather. “Our top priority is the safety of our employees, their families, and the communities we operate from,” said Benedict Hernandez, BPAP president and CEO.

Over the years, IT-BPO employees have shown tremendous commitment to the industry and their employers—notwithstanding the bad weather. Amid the calamity, many companies reported that operations continued throughout the period of inclement weather, crediting their dedicated employees.

“There were so many of them—working extended hours despite the inclement weather,” said Ma. Cristina Coronel, president of Pointwest Technologies. “One of our managers, who is based in Marikina, braved the raging waters while another manager offered her accessible place as a halfway house. We also have a communications specialist who tweeted periodic situationers for all our Pointwest members while her house was submerged,” Coronel added.

Genpact country manager Danilo Sebastian Reyes said the company is “deeply proud of its employees who, in spite of the extreme weather conditions, continued to be present and providing quality service to our customers.” Meanwhile, Manulife Business Processing Services vice president and general manager Gigi Mantaring said, “I feel extremely blessed to have such a dedicated, responsible, concerned, and loving team who defied the floods to come to work and went out of their way to help those who needed it.”

“Our support teams stuck around to ensure we kept the building functional and kept things operational. Many of my management team were able to make it in through difficult circumstances,” HSBC Technology and Services president and head of Philippine GSC Operations Carlo José said.

According to Aegis People Support corporate relations senior manager Avantika Desai, the company ensured employees’ safety and welfare by letting those in the office to stay at the height of the heavy rains. Marc Gil Melcarejo, an Aegis employee, said, “I was already in the office when it happened but it took me two days before I was able to get home. The flood was rather high at home so I decided to stay in the office.” Team leader Ian Joy Lozada shared, “Even during the heavy rainfall, my agents tried their best to come to work two or three hours early and brought with them spare clothes.”

Jeff Williams, MediCall president, said that it was team spirit that ensured smooth operations. MediCall employees “consider their teammates family so when someone in the team was not able to do his or her job, other team members immediately stepped in to cover,” Williams said. “We have one team lead, Kristine, who didn’t think twice in covering for another team lead who was trapped during the flooding in Cavite. Kristine was supposed to come in the mid-shift but knowing how her team needed her, she took on the early shift despite the angry weather.”

“She took it a step further by housing her team members in her own home,” Williams added. “As they say, ‘the Filipino spirit is waterproof,’ but the BPO team spirit is unsinkable!”

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