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League of Corporate Foundations takes CSR to new heights at the 10th CSR Expo

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has evolved through the years and is ingrained in the culture of many businesses in the Philippines. Recognizing that CSR has changed the way businesses are run, the League of Corporate Foundations adopts the theme “Taking CSR to new heights” for its annual CSR Expo, in part to address the changing environment of CSR, and in part to challenge its members and the general public to take a second look at CSR and how it affects society.

The League of Corporate Foundations is an association of more than 70 corporations and corporate foundations that supports and promotes the CSR practices of its members. The foundation has played a crucial role in developing CSR in the country and in raising public consciousness on the importance of participating in various CSR activities that benefit not just the environment, but also various beneficiaries, and even the businesses and the individuals themselves.

According to Ed Amistad, League of Corporate Foundations chairman, “CSR has evolved into a movement beyond philanthropy—more than giving, it has become a platform for empowering beneficiaries into making a difference in the community. This has made CSR a tangible and measurable endeavour. Thus, our challenge is to take it to another level—of reach, participation, and goals.”

The League of Corporate Foundations’ tenth CSR Expo is scheduled on July 20 and 21 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Aside from the knowledge sharing of the best and latest CSR trends, models and practices, the two-day forum will also have discussions on current issues concerning CSR, lectures on how CSR practitioners can improve their craft, as well as free CSR 101 lectures for students, and an exhibit open to the public.

“There’s always something new to discuss about CSR, and the Expo is the perfect forum to gather the country’s biggest corporations, and of course, the small- and medium-sized businesses that are taking on a more active role in CSR. This year, as our members renew their commitment to working for a better tomorrow, the League of Corporate Foundations will vow to continue to lead its members to make a stronger and lasting positive impact on society. The coming expo will be our venue to let CSR practitioners know that we go beyond the League of Corporate Foundations’ 15 years of promoting and practicing CSR in the country. It is not just a celebration of our anniversary, but a celebration for a better tomorrow,” explained Amistad.

The League of Corporate Foundations CSR Expo is the biggest annual CSR conference in the country participated in by different CSR practitioners from the business and government sectors as well as the media and academe.

About the League of Corporate Foundations
The League of Corporate Foundations is a network of over 70 operating and grant-making corporate foundations and corporations that promotes and enhances the strategic practice of Corporate Social Responsibility among its members and the larger business community, towards sustained national development.