Press Release

A woman of passion empowered by innovation


Our president and founder, Monette Iturralde-Hamlin, along with other #GirlBosses of #WomenWill

TeamAsia Founder and President Monette Iturralde-Hamlin, together with other influential #GirlBosses empowered Filipinas in celebration of International Women’s Day last March 8 through a dialogue on #WomenWill, a campaign by Google Philippines. In partnership with, Google Philippines sought to highlight technology and its capability to enable women to pursue their passions by providing various platforms for productivity, connectivity, and learning.

Now 25 years since the establishment of her company, Monette shared how she built, sustained, and nurtured TeamAsia amidst both challenges and victories, all the while intentionally taking care of her family. Specifically, she shared how her passion for her company and for her family fuelled her pursuit of innovation. Now very engaged in the digital space herself, Monette shared how she uses technology for work, relationships, and leisure. Read more about Monette’s story here.